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Garden Tie · Budding Tape · Flagging Tape · Bird Scare


This non-adhesive vinyl flagging tape is excellent for marking trees, as well as for flagging boundaries and survey markers.

  • Solids, Stripes, and Dots (2ml, 300ft)
  • Fluorescent Colors (4ml, 150ft)
  •   Item# Style Color Length  
      9-1F-1 Fluorescent Orange 150ft  
      9-1F-2 Fluorescent Red 150ft  
      9-1F-8 Fluorescent Lime 150ft  
      9-1F-9 Fluorescent Pink 150ft  
      9-1S-1 Solid Orange 300ft  
      9-1S-2 Solid Red 300ft  
      9-1S-3 Solid Blue 300ft  
      9-1S-4 Solid White 300ft  
      9-1S-5 Solid Yellow 300ft  
      9-1ST-1F Fluorescent Stripes Orange/Black 150ft  
      9-1ST-9F Fluorescent Stripes Pink/Black 150ft  
      9-1ST-1 Stripes Orange/Black 300ft  
      9-1ST-2 Stripes Red/Black 300ft  
      9-1ST-3 Stripes Blue/Black 300ft  
      9-1ST-4 Stripes Blue/White 300ft  
      9-1ST-5 Stripes Yellow/White 300ft  
      9-1ST-6 Stripes White/Black 300ft  
      9-1ST-7 Stripes Yellow/Black 300ft  
      9-1ST-10 Stripes White/Red 300ft  
      9-1ST-11 Stripes Green/Black 300ft  
      9-1SD-1F Fluorescent Dots Orange/Black 150ft  
      9-1SD-4 Dots White/Blue 300ft  
      9-1SD-5 Dots White/Yellow 300ft  
      9-1SD-10 Dots White/Red 300ft  

  • 1 inch rolls
  • 48 rolls per case
  • Weight per case approximately 16lbs

  • Tie Tape Tie Tape Flagging Tape Bird Scare Tie Tape