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Our "TIE-IT" tie tape is made from PVC Translucent Matte Sheeting. It is a non-adhesive vinyl tape that grows with the plants.
  • 4ml Light
  • 6ml Medium
  • 8ml Heavy
  • 12ml Extra Heavy
  • 20ml Super Heavy

      Item# Size Length   Gauge
      12-5-4 1/2in 300ft   4ml
      12-75-4 3/4in 300ft   4ml
      12-1-4 1in 300ft   4ml
      12-5-6 1/2in 200ft   6ml
      12-75-6 3/4in 200ft   6ml
      12-1-6 1in 200ft   6ml
      12-5-8 1/2in 150ft   8ml
      12-75-8 3/4in 150ft   8ml
      12-1-8 1in 150ft   8ml
      12-5-12 1/2in 100ft   12ml
      12-75-12 3/4in 100ft   12ml
      12-1-12 1in 100ft   12ml


      12-5-4W 1/2in 300ft   4ml
      12-75-4W 3/4in 300ft   4ml
      12-1-4W 1in 300ft   4ml
      12-5-6W 1/2in 200ft   6ml
      12-75-6W 3/4in 200ft   6ml
      12-1-6W 1in 200ft   6ml
      12-5-8W 1/2in 150ft   8ml
      12-75-8W 3/4in 150ft   8ml
      12-1-8W 1in 150ft   8ml


      12-5-4C 1/2in 300ft   4ml
      12-75-4C 3/4in 300ft   4ml
      12-1-4C 1in 300ft   4ml
      12-5-6C 1/2in 200ft   6ml
      12-75-6C 3/4in 200ft   6ml
      12-1-6C 1in 200ft   6ml
      12-5-8C 1/2in 150ft   8ml
      12-75-8C 3/4in 150ft   8ml
      12-1-8C 1in 150ft   8ml


      12-5-8BR 1/2in 150ft   8ml
      12-75-8BR 3/4in 150ft   8ml
      12-1-8BR 1in 150ft   8ml
  • 1/2in - 96 rolls per case
  • 3/4in - 60 rolls per case
  • 1in - 48 rolls per case
  • Weight per case approximately 32lbs

      12-5-20 1/2in 90ft   20ml
      12-75-20 3/4in 90ft   20ml
      12-1-20 1in 90ft   20ml
  • 1/2in - 64 rolls per case
  • 3/4in - 40 rolls per case
  • 1in - 32 rolls per case
  • Weight per case approximately 32lbs

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